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Leo Limited Edition Bundle

Leo Limited Edition Bundle

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1x Leo Zodiac Print (framed)

1x Zodiac Cookie

Our Zodiac Affirmation prints are celebrating all the personalities, quirks, and the types of love we have to offer. See below for detailed description.

Print Information:

    • Art prints are printed on high quality 300GSM Art Stock
    • White frame included


23 July - 22 August

Hey Leo, well aren’t you full of passion and a bright spark of energy. You are all about the good times, positive vibes and just want those around you to be happy. Let’s be honest, whether you plan to or not, you are the centre of attention, and have the biggest heart. You always have the purest of intentions, and your innately gentle spirit is so trusting. You have the strongest love.

Artisan cookies baked and hand painted by The Happenis Factory.

Ever been surrounded by angels? I haven't but if I was, I'd definitely like them to look like this!

**Assorted designs. Colours and styles vary. Please note: If purchased online, orders will be picked at random**

Almond Sugar Cookie Ingredients: butter, caster sugar, plain flour, eggs, cornflour, salt, vanilla extract, almond extract (made from peach seeds) fondants & colours.